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Natural Concrete Round Table


The ideal table for several people to join in a game at the same time.  Our round table offers the possibility for a variety of games. Children are very resourceful in inventing new games. As well as that the table can be used for other purposes, e.g. as a gathering place or as a picnic table.
A raw and round surface with a diameter of 260 cm. This table is made of high quality B55 concrete with high pressure resistance and moulded in one piece and reinforced with double layers. This makes the table as strong as iron and vandal proof.

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Product code – PP.R.NT
Colour – Natural Concrete
Dimensions tabletop – ø 260 cm
Dimensions underside tabletop – 279 x 157 cm
Tabletop thickness – ø 264 cm
Height tabletop – 8.4 cm
Height of the net – 14.75 cm
Weight – 1570 kg
Distance legs – 149 cm (center to center)

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Weight 1570 kg



Natural Concrete


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